What is Stripe and how to set up

Stripe is a payment gateway that allows payments to be processed and paid automatically to you (as the vendor) when your products are sold. This allows for customers to purchase multiple products from multiple vendors in one transaction.

Setting Up Stripe as a Vendor

Navigate to – Dashboard → Settings → Payment

You will see a new option titled Stripe and asking to Connect with Strip.

Click on the blue colored button and you will be redirected to Stripe.com website.

(Vendor) Stripe Login or Signup

Login with your stripe account or sign up if you don’t have one.

After logging in, you will see the Marketplace is trying to connect to your Stripe account.

Click on the Connect my Stripe account button.

After confirmation, you will be redirected to your store Payment Settings page. Please note that although it says we have full access to your account we are unable to see anything outside of Repticart Transactions!

The Stripe Connect Option will state that it has been connected with Stripe. And you are done with setting up Stripe Connect to your store.

There is a disconnect button, which can be used to disconnect your account from this marketplace any time you want.

How Customers Pay with Stripe

When a customer adds a product to their cart and check in, they will see all the available payment methods. If they select Credit Card (Stripe), a modal form will appear.

The form will ask for email, credit card number, expiry date, CVC. After entering the credentials, click on the Pay button.

After payment, the order details will show the payment method as Credit Card (Stripe).

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